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About Us

Here’s where you can find out more about the authors of Thailand Musings. Where we came from and where we are going as well as the motivation behind Thailand Musings.

Sawasdee krup from Steve

I first went to Thailand in 1997 and immediately fell in love with the country. Well, not the whole country since my experience at that time was limited to Bangkok and Phuket, but I knew I wanted to come back again and again. Thailand at that time to me was mysterious and exotic, full of potentials and pitfalls.

Fast forward to 2010 and here I am after 13 years and many trips back to the LOS and sharing, with the help of my beautiful wife Golf, what I’ve learned (and am still learning) with the readers here at Thailand Musings. Thailand has lost some of it’s mystery for me, but it is still exotic and wonderful and I always remember that first feeling when I stepped out into the Bangkok smog for the first time.

I don’t pretend to know everything about Thailand and thankfully for all of us Golf is here to correct me when I err, but I do want to share what I have and will make every effort to learn more each day to share with you here.

As I sit here just 4 months after starting Thailand Musing I feel the blog is just beginning to find it’s voice and indeed it is just beginning to gain some regular readers and subscribers. For that I am extremely grateful and I look forward to watching it grow over the coming years and to growing along with it and you, my readers.

I’m sure that some (most? all?) of you want to know how Golf and I met, what brought us together and how we bridged the cultural differences. I will leave the telling of that tale to Golf and you can certainly learn more by subscribing and coming back to Thailand Musings often. Or connect with me personally on Google+

Sawasdee Kaa from Golf

We both got an email from one of our readers 2 weeks ago and he mentioned about “Steve and Golf ” page so it made me realized that I totally forgot to put anything more about me and Steve. So now here I am…and this is about our story from me “Golf”.

My real name’s Adchara, but unfortunately for American people they can’t pronounce it right so ok…just call me Golf then. Which is my nickname and also usual for Thai people to have their own nickname. Kind of funny though because everytime when people here ask about my name I’m just like…ok…just call me Golf. But still they really don’t believe me that my dad is the one gave me this name even he’s not a golfer at all.

Me and Steve found each other from one of dating Thai dating website named One of my friends at work (in Thailand) recommend me about it. And now I believe that she has a happy family with the internet guy that she met from Canada. Cyber world is contradictory with my culture and for Thai people not that open for dating like this. Maybe just small group and I think I’m the part of this small group.

I went to be a member at almost the same time as Steve. And because of Steve wanted to have Thai girlfriends before he traveled to Thailand for his vacation in April 2006 we met and started talking right away. Kind of funny though because first time we chat for me and him wasn’t happy situation for him at all. I made him mad with my stupid question. I was wondering about why “mostly an old foreigners like to chat with young Thai girls”, but honestly I didn’t mean anything about him. But for him already thought that I meant him so that question it’s just like caught his attention (make him wanted to talk to me again and that’s what he told me later ;-) ).

We started to talk online almost a month or so and then started to talk on the phone. Everyday and every single minutes…day by day. And sometimes I get my day off from work we would talk like 24 hours, can you believe that? Finally I have to end up with 2 batteries in my purse in case this one all gone so I will have another one to be in reserve. We were talking like a crazy at that time until we met in April.

I don’t know about destiny, but I just believe how I feel and follow my heart. We both talked a lot, getting serious day by day. And for finally when we met in April we decided to sign marriage certificate without asking my parents. Even so I took him to see my mom and dad on that time and told them how much we love each other (even he knew a few Thai words).

And by the end of the trip I told them about that. I really love my mom and dad it’s not because of they won’t complain, but one thing that they said is they both respect my decision. And what if I made the wrong decision they still will be there for me. I’m so glad I have them both and don’t know how to thank them enough to giving my life.

After we had a serious conversation between Steve, my mom and dad which was by me translated. We were planning for visa to come over here and also all about traditional Thai wedding ceremony in November 2006. Visa processing is the one that make me headache, but not as much as have to prepare my wedding ceremony by myself. I know Steve when you read this you will tell me it’s not true Golf because I’m the one who responsible for money for all kind of things. But honey…let think about this I have to run around go to shopping the souveniors, cards etc. And I have to go and get a sample to show him on the webcam and let’s see which one will be the one we wanted.

I got my visa in October and seemed to me like it took forever because I started my process in the end of April. So it took like 6 months totally, but that’s because we paid for the agency and they have to wait for their clients and everything have to be ready at the same time. If I already done for my paper work, but for the rest 3-4 not finish so it’s mean I have to wait. It is the problem to pay for the agency to get to visa. But the good thing is you no need to worry about what kind of paper work that you have to prepare and they’re professional enough to give you a guarantee that you will get visa 100%.

And then in November we both had a great beautiful wedding in my hometown which is really nice and traditional. I cried and my dad was cried (happy tears). I will show you the pictures of our wedding in here sometime. And then we flew back to the U.S. by the end of the month. And now here I am…