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01 July 2013 ~ 15 Comments

Activities for Teenagers in Bangkok


If you have them, you know them well. Teenagers can be a joy in their openness and proud march into an ever expanding world. They can also be a nightmare of angst ridden needs. Needing to be accepted, needing to expand their independence, and often needing to be entertained. While Bangkok offers many entertainments for adults, what do you do with your teens when they are looking for entertainment in Bangkok?

Fortunately, Bangkok offers a plethora of activities for teens. There are the common activities that will keep them busy for several hours such as movies and bowling, which are available at most every shopping mall from the Central branches to Emporium and Esplanade, among others.

Those who enjoy skateboarding can find plenty of empty (and sometimes full) parking lots to shred on as well as a few actual skateparks such as The Ramp in Esplanade shopping mall (located on the ground floor in the back of the NY/LA store, 90 baht admission), Muang Thai Live X Treme Park at the Saranraj Maneerom Park (located at the corner of Ekamai and Petchaburi, also known as the Pink Skatepark), Zeer Rangsit Skatepark (in the Zeer Shopping Center, Don Muang), and under the Rama 8 bridge on both sides of the river.

Some other activities that should keep the teens happy for the weekend include the following:

Dancing – See my post on Bangkok dance schools.

Flowboarding – This is a combination of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding and to a lesser extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding and is a great day out for young and old alike. Flow House Bangkok is located centrally on Sukhumvit Soi 26 and is open from 10am to midnight Mon-Fri and 8am to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. You can get lessons from trained instructors if necessary, and there’s no charge to enter Flow House so parents can come and enjoy the free WIFI while the kids shred the flows. Prices are 750 baht per hour, but they offer student discounts of 500 baht per hour or 900 baht for 2 hours (with student ID), and also have multi-hour cards available (buy 5 hours get 2 hours free, buy 10 hours get 5 hours free, buy 15 hours get 10 hours free).

Paintball – While you may think of paintball as an activity that happens on large expanses of forested land, there are a couple operators of paintball parks right within Bangkok. One is Combat Zone 62, which has been in operation for 15 years and is located on Sukhumvit 62 near Seacon Square. Another is Tubchang Paintball and BB, located on Ramkamheng 118 (Opposite the Tab Chang station on the airport link). Combat Zone 62 charges 350 baht for 100 balls, while Tubchang is just 250 baht for 100 balls.

Flight Simulation – Ok, so this one might be just as much for the parents as the teens, but either way it is a rush. If you’ve ever wanted to fly a jet airplane, the simulators at Flight Experience Bangkok can make your dreams come true. At 6,900 baht for an hour it certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s cheaper than flying the real thing…and safer too. You will find them located in the Sibunruang Building on Soi Convent (which runs between Sathorn and Silom).

Of course that’s just a taste of all that’s available in Bangkok, but next time you are stumped for something to keep the teens entertained you might want to consider some of the options above. I’m sure your teens will be truly surprised and delighted and they may even forgive you the next shopping trip or temple you drag them along to.

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