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18 April 2013 ~ 4 Comments

How Was Your Songkran?


Hey y’all, I’ll bet you thought I dropped dead from a coronary after the last post about all you can eat moo kata! The truth is I was off celebrating Songkran and despite ignoring all the common expat wisdom I was able to travel some 1000km round trip without incident, drink myself silly for 3 days without incident, and throw water from the back of a pickup truck…you guessed it, without incident (well except for the obvious drenching).

Overall a very good time was had by all, although at just 34 months, Alivia was not quite ready for the water play. She doesn’t appreciate wet clothes AT ALL, so that put a damper on her festivities until we found that she was very happy to sit inside the truck and have water splashed at the windows. And before the comments come, my father in law was driving and no he did not have any drinks prior to driving.

After spending various Songkrans’ in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Krabi, I have to say that this was the most laid back and enjoyable of all the Songkrans I’ve experienced. Perhaps it’s because in 4 days of celebrating I saw not 1 other foreigner? I certainly hope that isn’t the case, but I can say that Thais are every bit as enthusiastic about throwing water (especially the younger Thais), yet they are also more respectful of those who don’t want to participate. At least in Mae Sot they were. Arriving back in Bangkok was a bit of a different story.

While anyone in Mae Sot who was told mai na khrap promptly backed off and left me be (during the short times I wasn’t interested in playing), the neighbors around my condo were not as easily swayed. After arriving back in Bangkok I was doing some writing and needed to go out for cigarettes. I headed down to the local corner grocery, thinking Songkran was over and I was safe. I was wrong.

At the end of the soi were the tables and lights, music and dancing, drinking and of course water play. Despite telling everyone mai nam, mai na khrap, ow thamngan tee baan, I was thoroughly drenched not once but several times. Oh well, it was a quick walk back to the condo to change and I also got several glasses of beer and some great fried chicken out of the deal. And of course I know most of these people from daily life so couldn’t protest too much.

How was everyone else’s Songkran? I hope you didn’t hide in your condo for the duration of the celebration. If you live near your family or in laws I hope you made the rounds of visiting the elders on the 15th. Most of all though I hope it was a great experience and all of you were safe and sound for the duration of the holiday.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten enough of Songkran you could always head to Pattaya this weekend to celebrate some more. I’m just sayin’.

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