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18 August 2013 ~ 5 Comments

Pattaya Bars; Relaxing in Thailand


Pattaya is, as anyone with any familiarity with Thailand knows, renowned for its nightlife. The party atmosphere in most Pattaya bars never stops and it really is a place that every nightlife-lover should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. Having said that, there are many other dimensions to the nightlife, it’s not just about late-night partying. Many bars are, for example, just great venues to kick back and relax, or enjoy a meal… or two!

A selection of slower paced Pattaya Bars

There are literally hundreds of bars in Pattaya and regardless of whether or not you know where to go, you will find plenty of entertainment to suit your needs. That is true regardless of your age, your nationality, your music preferences or your food preferences. There are places for singles, places for couple and places for entire families to while away the night.

Since there are already an endless number of reports covering all the crazy late-night stuff that goes on in the bars of Pattaya, I thought a sober reflection on some of the more peaceful options might be in order.

The bar in the Picture above is my favourite bar of all. It is called the Pattaya Beer Garden and it is found at the end of the pier on Beach Road (just before Walking Street). This place is perfect for quality food at low prices in a romantic setting.

Since Pattaya bay is west facing, you get to see the sunset over the sea and that gives lots of photo opportunities. The music played here tends to be Western pop music, anything from the 1980’s to the current time. The menu has a wide selection of Thai and Western food and both are well prepared (quite unusual for the restaurants here as most restaurants tend to excel in either one or the other).

For an altogether different sort of bar, there are a number of converted Volkswagen Camper vans dotted around the city. I really like this sort of thing; if you are from a cold northern hemisphere country you’ll probably agree that there’s something relaxing about the whole outdoor lifestyle in Thailand. That outdoor aspect is typical of most Pattaya bars and it’s something you don’t get in countries with cold climates. A converted Camper van with a few tables and a mobile sound system belting out some songs helps me to kick my shoes off, sit back and enjoy!

Another good thing is that, if you like a smoke, the outdoor aspect means that you don’t have to worry about any no-smoking signs! I don’t care much for cigarettes, but I am a fan of the sheesha (tobacco and molasses) that many of the bars sell.

You can even relax in the busier, louder Pattaya bars throughout the city. With temperatures rarely falling below 22 Celsius (even at the dead of night during the coolest months), you’ll find that most people head out into the nightlife wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals… it’s all really informal and laid-back… and I love it!

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