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20 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Pattaya Ladyboy; Some Advice


With my previous submission being about Pattaya Ladies, I thought I’d better put something together about the ladyboys too… just for completeness!

A Pattaya ladyboy is usually no different in terms of character than a bar-girl. If you are attracted to transsexual ladies you will be able to relax and do your thing in Pattaya like nowhere else in the world. The first thing that stands out about Thailand compared to the rest of the world, or at least the rest of the world that I know of, is the relaxed and accepting nature of Thai people. Something like 1% of the Thai population is openly transsexual and the level of discrimination against such things is way lower than anything that you might expect back home in the West. I hear that schools in Thailand even provide extra changing rooms for those children belonging to the ‘third’ sex!

If you are coming to Thailand to meet a Pattaya ladyboy with the goal of arranging some sort of lasting romantic relationship, my advice is to be very careful. Ladyboys have got something of a bad reputation in Pattaya for being particularly untrustworthy! The local news station in Pattaya seems to report a more than proportionate instance of crime involving a Pattaya ladyboy and a foreign tourist compared to that with foreigners and girls. If you are looking for a lasting relationship, online dating is a better option. You can find my recommended site for this at my website by following the link below.

The life of a ladyboy is not an easy one even in Thailand. The rejection from friends and family that is common in the West is not completely absent in Thailand and you sometimes find that a transsexual expresses her sexuality in Pattaya and other places outside her home village, but reverts back to a male identity when visiting family. I can’t imagine it’s an easy thing to keep secret… especially once a few surgical enhancements have been put in place!

Medical treatment usually starts at an early age, much younger than you would find in the West where a doctor would usually refuse treatment until after puberty. In Thailand, most ladyboys will often have been on hormone replacement injections/pills since the early teens and some start before that. I think that this is one reason why you sometimes see a Pattaya ladyboy looking very similar to a lady. I’ve seen some that virtually indistinguishable from women!

Other obvious medical enhancements such as breast implants are almost universally undergone by ladyboys as soon as they can afford the expense. Other available treatments are hip implants, Adam’s apple reduction, vocal cord tightening, and of course the big one…. vaginoplasty! You may be surprised to read that most ladyboys choose not to have this surgery, you might be extra surprised to find out why that is… you can find out on my website by following the link below!

For full details about ladyboys, what to expect from one, where to meet one, how to approach one etc, see my website section starting at: Pattaya Ladyboy in Thailand

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