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30 September 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Shopping in Bangkok | Off the Beaten Track


If you’re the one who is crazy about shopping especially second hand shops, let’s read this…

Today I’m going to talk about the second hand shopping area in Bangkok. So next time when you want to go shopping or even just want to browse, at least you will have some idea where you should to go.

First place is “Tawanna”, this shopping area might not sound familiar for some shoppers because not in the usual tourist area like Silom or Sukhumvit. That’s why many foreigners haven’t heard of it even though it has been opened for almost 10 years. The location of Tawanna is in between “Tha Mall”, Bangkapi and “Makro”, Bangkapi. If you’re not sure about the bus route in Bangkok please go ahead and grab the cab because it will be the best way to get there. Tawanna has so many an assemble goods either first hand, second hand or even hand made like fashion clothes, skirts, jeans, shoes, ornaments, perfume, electric equipment, VDO, VCD etc. The circulation of the goods in here and so many choices for choose are the reason why this place became a popular one and a lot of people like to shop for. Tawanna opens everyday from noon until about 9-10 o’clock in the night time but if you want to see a lot of things please make sure to come around 2 o’clock because on that time will be crowded with a lot of goods already. The price in here depening on the competency to bargain of that person.

The second one I would recommend is “Wang Lang Market”, this market is near Siriraj Hospital, in the Pinklao area. You can go there by Taxi from where you are at to Wang Lang right away. Or you can take the ferry crossing Chao Phraya River boat from Thammasat University, Phra Chan Pier and get off at Wang Lang Pier, it will cost just 3 baht for the trip. From the pier take a walk about 5 more minutes and then you will see a small street all filled with so many shops. Please ask people around there if you never been there before. You might get lost and not be able to find the second hand shopping area because of confusion about the alleys in this street. Wang Lang Market opens everyday from 10 o’clock in the morning to 5 in the afternoon but for the best period would be on Monday and Wednesday because of the new second hand just arrived. If we talk about second hand price…quite cheap! They start from 50-350 baht but the most important thing is all shoes, bags or belts there will have just the only one size of each. So if you want to get the beautiful and strange thing have to be depending on your luck!!!

Next trip I will take you to shop outside of Bangkok and will have a great fun with bargain…see you!

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