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24 August 2010 ~ 1 Comment

A Warm Welcome to Angella

Over the past 3 years (has it really been THAT long?) Golf and I have been able to connect with many people through this site and thanks to our honest and straight forward advice regarding Thai-Western relationships. As you have probably noticed, Golf isn’t really active here at Thailand Musings any longer due to her […]

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20 August 2010 ~ 6 Comments

Steve Interviewed for the First Time

Over the course of the past few months I’ve done several Thailand bloggers interviews that have been quite fun and informative. Today the mirror has been turned on me as Jon from Jonny Foreigner blog has posted his interview with none other than me! To say that I am flattered is quite an understatement. This […]

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18 June 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Martyn From Beyond the Mango Juice

Today I bring you another great Thailand blogger – Martyn (aka Hoo Don) from Beyond the Mango Juice. I truly enjoy Martyn’s humor and photography and if you head over to his blog I think you’ll find that you will as well. Martyn is actually quite popular this month having been featured in an interview […]

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25 May 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Talen from Thailand – Land of Smiles

Another Thailand blogger I like is Talen from Thailand, Land of Smiles. I have found his blog to be a great resource and source of both information and inspiration. If you haven’t been there before I highly recommend you check it out. I think you’ll agree that the writing and information provided is top notch. […]

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20 May 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Jon from Jonny Foreigner

Today’s featured Thailand blogger is a fine young chap from the U.K. with a strong interest not only in Thailand, but also in social media. Jon runs not just one blog, but several. The Thailand blog, Jonny Foreigner, is a personal blog, but you can also find links to his blogs on social media and […]

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17 May 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Mike From My Thai Friend

After a bit of a layoff here I’m back with another Thailand blogger interview. Today we focus on Mike Rose from My Thai Friend. Mike is retired in Thailand for a couple years and writes on a diverse variety of subjects at his blog My Thai Friend. You’ll also find that he has several other […]

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31 March 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Jungle Girl from My Jungle Life

The latest interview comes from Jungle Girl at My Jungle Life – Creative Living on a Tropical Island. If you haven’t checked out the blog I would recommend that you do, it’s a nice addition to any one’s feed reader, especially if you’re interested in the laid back atmosphere on the islands of Thailand. 1. […]

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15 January 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Chris from My Egg Noodles

Today I have a blog for you that isn’t completely Thailand focused, but that’s mostly because the blogger spends a LOT of time traveling. In 2009 his travel looked like this -> Thailand > Vietnam > Thailand > UK > Thailand > Laos > Vietnam > Malaysia > Indonesia > Singapore > Indonesia > Thailand […]

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11 January 2010 ~ 8 Comments

Vern from Thai Pulse

The very first blogger I will be interviewing is one that I have known for over 2 years. He is one of the first Thailand bloggers that I started talking to when Thailand Musings began and we have continued our relationship over the past 2+ years. Even though I have never met him in person […]

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