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My Thai Bride

I know that many of you that have found Thailand Musings are interested in Thai girls and maybe even how to find Thai brides of your own. After being married to a wonderful Thai girl for over 5 years now I can certainly understand why you would want a Thai bride. Well, I can tell you if that’s what you want it isn’t difficult at all to find.

I met my wife Golf on the dating website Thai Love Links. And I wasn’t even there trying to find a Thai wife, I was looking for friends and some help with my Thai language skills for a planned trip to Thailand. But, you never know what’s right around the corner.

Thai Wife | Thai BrideThai Girlfriend | Thai Wife

The thing is, my profile on Thai Love Links was very clear, I was looking for friends and was willing to trade English lessons for Thai lessons. That was pretty much it. Even so, I got dozens of emails the first few days after signing up.

So, I took the plunge and spent the $0.50 a day to be able to email girls back and use the chat feature on Thai Love Links. That my friends is when the proverbial floodgates opened up.

Within minutes of logging in I was deluged with invitations to chat. I’m not kidding, there were chat invitations popping up all over the place. And this happened every time I logged in to the site over the next few weeks. Talk about being like a kid in a candy store.

My Thai Wife | My Thai Bride

I really like Thai Love Links because it’s not an introduction agency so you don’t have to go through a middleman and pay exorbitant prices. It’s cheap, even free if you want, and there are tens of thousands of girls there. You can take your time and get to know whichever ones you want. You’ll find they are interested in getting to know you and many (most?) are willing to relocate if they find a suitable husband.

I also like the fact that I didn’t find a lot of girls just there trying to scam me like at some other sites. The emails and chat messages I got were very polite and no one tried to send me to a webcam or porn site. And no one asked me for money either. I would say that 99% of the girls are legitimately there to find a foreign boyfriend and hopefully husband. It’s a great way to meet nice Thai girls and get to know them.

After the past five years of marriage to Golf I can honestly say that Thai women are wonderful wives. They take very good care of you, are helpful, polite, friendly, sexy and altogether charming to be around. Yes there were some difficulties initially due to cultural differences, but those are easily gotten past by communicating and coming to understand each other. Had I known all this 20 years ago I would have had my Thai bride a long time ago.

Thai BridesThai Wife | Thai Brides

I totally recommend Thai Love Links if you have any interest at all in meeting Thai women for dating or marriage. The site is professional, the girls are wonderful and the experience can’t be beat.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here, but my suggestion is don’t wait. There’s probably a beautiful Thai girl just waiting for that special man right now. Get started at Thai Love Links today and find your own special Thai bride.

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UPDATE May 8th, 2009
Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with dozens of guys who’ve tried Thai Love Links and found friends, girlfriends and even wives. It’s great getting those emails. However I’ve also gotten emails from guys that would love to meet a Thai girl, but for one reason or another can’t travel to Thailand. Also, I’ve heard from guys that have problems because of the distance. Honestly if you can’t afford to travel to Thailand to meet some of the wonderful ladies, then how do you expect to get a Thai wife? You shouldn’t have the expectation of leading the girls on if you don’t have the means to come and see them and eventually either move to Thailand or bring them to your country once you are married. If you are interested in having a Thai bride I recommend you take a few trips to Thailand and get a feel for the country, the culture and the people first. If nothing else you will come away with a greater appreciation for your own life and the possibilities out there.