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13 January 2013 ~ 3 Comments

Thai Dating Stories


It’s a cynical world we live in….. I’ve had the misfortune to notice, on more than one occasion, that in at least some quarters of the world at large there is a perception that any Western man involved in a romantic relationship with a Thai lady must be some sort of sexual deviant! When I have ventured outside into polite society, with my Thai lady accompanying me, I must admit that I’ve had one or two disapproving glances from various members of the all knowing, infallible, oh so superior species often referred to as Western women. Shocking isn’t it?

I’ve come to expect a certain amount of disapproval from these ‘ladies’ and in all honesty I’ve come to look forward to it! I’ve developed the most revolting cheesy smirk you could imagine and I love to use it when receiving the disapproving look of Western women. Call me strange, if you like, but it makes me smile inside to know I’m stoking up a raging furnace of disgust from these women and there’s not a thing in the world that they can do about it!

The truth is that, for Western men, the average romantically available Thai lady is a far more attractive prospect than the typical oversized carcass that is available to him back in the West. Those oversized carcasses know it and hence their disapproval when they see you with a younger, slimmer Thai beauty. My cheesy smirk is an acknowledgment of that fact and also a statement to the effect of ‘go boil your head you ugly wretch’!

On the whole, I’d recommend Thai ladies to any man that is interested in finding a loving and feminine partner for life. That’s not to say that any Thai lady will do. A good slice of the disapproval from the Western women is due to the reputation that Thailand has with the oldest of professions. Worse than anything those Western women think is that, if you get involved with a Thai bar-girl, it is highly likely that serious heartache will follow.

Don’t do it, I’ve heard many Thai dating stories about men involved with these working-girls and it invariably ends badly… sometimes very, very badly. It’s not worth the risk, and what’s more, it’s completely unnecessary! There are lots of ways to meet honest, loyal, caring, lovely Thai ladies, but you are very unlikely to do it anywhere near a bar in the red-light areas of Thailand.

Online Thai dating is a good option if you are not actually in Thailand or near to a Thai community. There are dangers with online dating of course, there’s many a gold-digger online posing as a suitable girlfriend. With a little practise, and an understanding of Thai culture, you will be able to spot the gold-diggers easily enough. Understanding these ladies is the important part. They come from such a different culture that appreciating how they are likely to think and feel in any given situation is not obvious. Your own instincts will not be enough, you’ll need more than that….

That’s where my eBook comes in; I’ve written it specifically about this problem. You can get more information and read the first few pages on my website at: Dating Thai Ladies

It’s a book that will give you all the information you need to get started, and it’s one that could seriously change your entire life if you decide to go ahead and find a Thai love interest. I won’t tell you that being in a Thai relationship is one big bed of roses though; like anything in life that’s worth having it comes with sacrifices. It’s up to you to decide whether those sacrifices are worth it or not. In my eBook, I set out what those sacrifices are and what relationship challenges you will face with a respectable Thai lady. Give it a look…. and then start working on a revolting cheesy grin of your own!

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