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07 September 2010 ~ 101 Comments

Thai Girls – What you should know!


Don’t believe what you hear about Thai girls from promiscuous Thailand sex tourists!

If you’ve done any searching on the internet about Thailand and especially Thai girls you’ve likely found tons of stories, many of them written by western men. These stories are their first hand accounts of Thailand and Thai girls in particular, but you should keep in mind that most of these stories are coming from a small minority of the men visiting Thailand in search of sex. The Thai girls they meet and talk about are mostly prostitutes and bargirls working in popular red light districts like Nana Plaza, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. These Thai girls are a minority of the Thai female population and should not in anyway be confused with everyday good Thai girls.

When you read these stories you’ll get the impression that all Thai girls are just after your money and that they all lie, but please don’t believe these tales of despair. Consider the source…these are tourists looking for nothing but cheap sex. Even so, Thai prostitutes are often much more honest and (at least on the surface) caring than their western or Latin American counterparts.

Good Thai girls from normal society make outstanding girlfriends and wives. Thai culture puts an emphasis on women caring for their men and on family so marrying a Thai girl is the best move you can make in my opinion. And while Thai girls are typically shy about physical contact in public this is completely not true in private. Thai’s do not have most of the sexual hang-ups and taboos that westerners have and they can be very uninhibited in private.

So how can you meet nice Thai girls? Well, the obvious answer is to move to Thailand, learn some of the language and then simply talk to the girls you meet in your daily life just like you would in your own country. Many Thai girls are quite open to having a foreigner (farang) for a boyfriend or husband and you’ll find that you should have no problem whatsoever getting dates in this way.

If you don’t live in Thailand then I would like to suggest ThaiLoveLinks to you. Here you can meet many Thai girls who are interested in meeting foreigners for dating and marriage. I can personally recommend ThaiLoveLinks because I met my Thai wife Golf through this site. Even though I travel to Thailand frequently, because I don’t live there full time it was much easier to meet someone through this site.

If you choose to use ThaiLoveLinks and you need any help communicating with a girl feel free to contact us. Golf would be happy to do translations for you and for the girl. And if you end up meeting someone and getting married I would love to hear about it.

P.S. I wrote this almost 3 years ago and I haven’t changed my opinion one bit. In that time I have communicated with scores of guys that met a Thai girl online and many of them have continuing relationships and/or have gotten married and are now living happily with their soul mates. I know you may be skeptical and all I can say is that I was too at one time and you have to try it to believe it.

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Steve Walters started Thailand Musings in 2006 after meeting and marrying Golf on the site Thai Love Links. The site was started as a way to share information about Thailand, it's people, culture and traditions and has grown substantially since that time. As a long time visitor to the Kingdom Steve hopes you enjoy his thoughts and observations about Thailand and it's culture. He can be contacted here.