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05 July 2008 ~ 3 Comments

My Thoughts on Thailand Girls


I think the most cute girls in the world are Thailand girls. I believe you have possibly already read about this on Thailand Musings before, but I believe that it bears restating. If you are on this website reading this post then I’m confident you believe it too when I state that Thai girls are certainly the cutest girls on the planet. I suppose that might be disputed and I would be pleased to hear your opinion in the comments below, but that is my idea and I’m sticking to it.

What makes me think that Thailand girls are so amazingly sexy you might ask. Well, the reasons are numerous, but here are just a few:

  • Their gracious demeanor
  • The shy smiles
  • Slender sexy bodies
  • Soft raven black hair
  • Exotic dark eyes
  • Silky smooth skin

Don’t get me wrong, other girls of the world have their merits as well, but it seems none of them get my interest like Thailand girls.

Besides which, Thai women take care of their husbands unlike anything I have ever experienced in America. From dinner to the bedroom, Thai wives are a treat as a spouse. I know not every relationship is ideal and neither will your relationship with a Thai woman be, but it is as close to the ideal as I’ve found. Sure there are bumps, but they are mostly small and many times culturally caused, just requiring some learning and sympathy on each person’s part to avoid in the future.

If you’re ready for the experience of your lifetime and happiness in abundance then I recommend you get out there and find yourself a cute Thai girl today. There are scores of ways to meet Thai women, even if you’re not presently in Thailand. If you do happen to be in Thailand then so much the better, simply initiate conversations wherever you are, possibly asking for assistance with your Thai or where the limes are in the supermarket or whatever. It’s simple to break the ice and once you are beyond the initial stage of connecting it’s quite easy to get a phone number.

If you are not physically in Thailand then it’s different, but still simple for you to meet Thai women. Just browse on over to Thai Love and begin browsing. Once you’ve found a Thai girl that you think is interesting or attractive send her your interest and that’s it. It’s so easy on ThaiLoveLinks because the women are there for the same thing as you, to meet foreigners, to hook up and presumably marry a foreigner.

If you agree with me that Thailand women are the cutest women in the world then get out there and locate one for yourself. There’s simply no excuse at all to believe that you can’t have a sexy young Thai girl fall in love with you. So many of them are attracted to foreigners, that hooking up with one is like shooting fish in a barrel. Once you’ve dated some cute Thailand girls you’ll definitely thank me for pushing you to do so.

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Steve Walters started Thailand Musings in 2006 after meeting and marrying Golf on the site Thai Love Links. The site was started as a way to share information about Thailand, it's people, culture and traditions and has grown substantially since that time. As a long time visitor to the Kingdom Steve hopes you enjoy his thoughts and observations about Thailand and it's culture. He can be contacted here.