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02 April 2008 ~ 10 Comments

What Do Thai Girls Want


Thai Girlfriend Present

So, I was chatting with one of my readers the other day. He is going to Thailand next week to visit his girlfriend and was wondering if I had any suggestions for what a Thai girl might like as a gift. He really likes this girl and obviously wants to make a great impression.

I thought about all the gifts that I’ve given Golf in the past and concluded that Thai girls like the same things as western girls generally. You definitely won’t go wrong with the obvious gifts like flowers, chocolates, jewelry and perfume. I know I’ve given each of these in the past and they’ve all been very appreciated.

If you know the girl quite well then the same thing applies, but you can make it more personalized. Thai girls are no different than western girls in that they want to know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you care enough to put some time and effort into the gift. One of the best gift responses I got from Golf was over a bag of Skittles.

If you’re not American you may not know what Skittles are, but they are basically a small fruit flavored candy. Kind of like a fruit flavored M&M. Well I told Golf about them once and she really wanted to taste them (you can’t get them in Thailand as far as I know). She thought I would bring some with me on my next trip which was about 2 months away.

The next day I went out and picked up a couple packs of Skittles and a card. Hand wrote a nice little note and stopped at the local FedEx place to post them out to her. Three days later I got a phone call with the most excited and breathless girl on the other end. She was ecstatic that I had sent the Skittles and the note like that.

It’s really quite easy and even the simplest gifts can be made special by making them personal to the girl and your relationship with her. There’s no need to stress that a gift won’t be appreciated if the girl knows you were thinking of her when you bought it. And if you can make it a surprise so much the better.

In my opinion Thai girls like pretty much the same thing as every other girl on the planet, especially when it comes to gifts. Do you think Thai girls like different gifts from western girls?

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Steve Walters started Thailand Musings in 2006 after meeting and marrying Golf on the site Thai Love Links. The site was started as a way to share information about Thailand, it's people, culture and traditions and has grown substantially since that time. As a long time visitor to the Kingdom Steve hopes you enjoy his thoughts and observations about Thailand and it's culture. He can be contacted here.