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16 December 2012 ~ 15 Comments

Why Do You Live in Thailand?


It’s a question I often find myself contemplating when interacting with other foreigners. True, it is mostly none of my damn business, but I still can’t help wondering what brings such a varied and diverse group of intrepid individuals to the very different land that is Thailand.

My guess is that the answers to this question are probably as varied and numerous as the number of foreigners living in Thailand. And yet I can’t help but feel that even through the differences there are some common themes or threads that tie many of us together, in our ideas and ideals at any rate. Some inner traits or yearnings that we all have and which cause us to venture out into the world, leaving friends and family behind, in search of filling some (often indefinable) need or desire.

I can tell you that for me there are several reasons that I live in Thailand:

  1. Because life here is less controlled than in my home country
  2. Most of the year I enjoy the weather
  3. I want my daughter to experience and internalize at least some aspects of Thai culture
  4. The foods are mostly delicious (I still can’t get used to organs or those little meatballs though)
  5. Inexpensive cost of living
  6. It is still a bit of an adventure

Needless to say, there are also very good reasons NOT to live in Thailand, but I’ll save that for another post where you can all tell me to stop whining and to leave Thailand if things are so bad here. Life in Thailand can be good, as can life anywhere because for the most part your life is what you make of it. For the time being though, Thailand suits me and my family quite well and I can say I am pleased (usually) with our decision to move here.

More importantly though, what are YOUR reasons for living in Thailand? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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Steve Walters started Thailand Musings in 2006 after meeting and marrying Golf on the site Thai Love Links. The site was started as a way to share information about Thailand, it's people, culture and traditions and has grown substantially since that time. As a long time visitor to the Kingdom Steve hopes you enjoy his thoughts and observations about Thailand and it's culture. He can be contacted here.